Wednesday, March 25, 2009

About All Brianna's Style

All Brianna's Style features hand made tutus and hair bows. Perfect for your little princess! Sizes for newborns through toddler are available right now. Bigger sizes may come later.

All Brianna's Style is in honor of my little blessing Brianna Fink. She was born with ABS, which stands for amniotic band syndrome. This means Brianna is missing her lower right arm and hand. At nearly a year of age it has not held her back much at all. She's a very active, happy baby girl! A baby girl that has always loved pretty wear! Bri (that's her nickname) is known around this area not for missing a hand (well maybe a little bit) but mostly for her various hair bows. Most have come from Walmart but many have come from my gal pal Stori. Please keep her busy with buisness too! She's a Army wife and Mom of three boys. To visit her site go to She has made to order dresses (We own a few and my orders to her keep coming in, various style hair bows, tutus, even baby cocoons). I in no way want to take Stori's buisness it's just I made Bri a tutu recently and realized just how fun it is! I need to be able to support my growing bow addiction! Pictures and all the other information to come! Thanks for visiting!

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