Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tutu Price List

All Tutu's are made with two layers of tulle (unless a "single layer tutu") Basic Tutu You can have one to two colors layered or two colors side by side.
Newborn $14.00 (up to 15 inches for waist, 7 inches in length)
Infant $17.00 (8 inches in length)
Toddler $18.00 (10 inches in length)
Additions to Tutu
Ribbon through out (like tutu above) $2.50 (There will be 3 to 5 ribbons..depends on tutu size placed through out)
additional colors of tulle $2.00 each
Extra bow for waist $2.00 (like in "Brianna Tutu")
Clear Gems on ends of ribbons $0.75 each ribbon
Flower petals on every other row $1.50 (offering light pink, dark pink, purple, light blue and red)
Flower petals on every row $3.00
Pom Poms scattered through out tutu $5.00
When ordering for a perfect fit measure your little girl's waist while standing (right where the top of her pants are worn) or tell me what size buttom she normally wears.
Shipping is done first class. First item is $6 to ship, additional items are $2.00 for each tutu and $1.00 for each bow or head band. Allow 7 to 10 days for orders to be completed! Remember Mom of 2 little ones :-) Email with questions or orders at please make subject All Brianna's Style so I don't mistake your email for spam. Thanks.

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