Friday, April 10, 2009


A good friend asked me recently "You do save all your left over tulle bits and pieces, right?" The answer is yes! And with it I plan on making "Scrap tutus" whenever I accumulate enough. Of course the tutu isn't as perfect as my other tutus but I promise your little girl will love this to play in! Bri modeled it for me and didn't want it off! Here's the best part cost is.....$11.00! That's right only eleven bucks!

This tutu has sparkle blue, sparkle pink, some purples, a little orange and some very light pink. A blue ribbon for the waist. About a 20 inch waist. (Can be made smaller by adjusting knots and pushing tulle closer together or made a little larger by adjusting knots and spreading tulle out some)

Act fast there is only 1 available! I will offer them here and there as "scraps" add up!

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