Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cutie Patutea!

The room was covered in pink and just said "girl" I was told by one mother her daughter's walked in and their jaws dropped! I believe we had 11 girls and I'm certain even Bri who took a cat nap during part of it had a great time!
The Mother's enjoyed consulting with a Mary Kay rep and having make overs done. The girls played with eye shadow and some glitter blush so they were a site to see when it was all done! I also noted how much the girls like sugar cubes.

The winner of the "Rocker" collection tutu raffle was Amelia Flores pictured above second from the right.
All Brianna's Style has high hopes for holding an even bigger more public tutu tea party in the fall or winter!
Thanks to all that attended and those that helped out witht he kids and other things!
These are just pictures I took later I hope to post the ones the photographer took.

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